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Bain Saint-Michel

Citizen LaboratoryA place of creation, dissemination of current practices in situ, experimental, interdisciplinary and a citizen laboratory." The Bain Saint-Michel project is part of a desire to safeguard the history of this pluralistic and collective place, both in terms of its public bathing past and its redeployment as a place of creation and dissemination for current artistic practices in situ , Experimental and interdisciplinary. Our proposal does not introduce a new function or completely transform the current program of Bain Saint-Michel, but rather seeks to consolidate, enhance and perpetuate the extraordinary potential of what is already there, architecture and culture combined. We also consider it essential to strengthen the links between the artists who occupy the Bain Saint-Michel and the Mile End community, through programming focused on in situ practices, but also by a marked participation of citizens in the management of the place.

Given the threat of disappearance that currently plagues the Bain Saint-Michel - supernumerary equipment of the City of Montreal - we consider that it is urgent to propose a long-term solution to maintain the current vocation of Bain Saint-Michel. "
- OBNL Bath Saint-Michel


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