The Wall of Sound - Lausanne

Sound design - Synchronisation - Technical director

Video by: Dufour, Maison de création

The Wall of Sound - Lausanne

Sound design - Synchronisation - Technical directorA Dufour, Maison de création showA one of a kind experience, The Wall of Sound is a pyromusical show that amazes with its unique conceptual and scenography approach. Perched in an 18 meters high by 27 meters wide scaffolding wall, 300 choristers and musicians revisit popular musical hits. Their voices echo in the night while the Wall becomes an imposing projection surface that serves as a vehicle through which the story of each song is laid out in images and punctuated by pyrotechnic bursts. As the party mood sets in, icons of the local scene join the choir, to the greatest delight of thousands of spectators. Endowed with an evocative power, it is literally a human wall that stands before the audience with all its warmth.

An original concept by Olivier Dufour / assisted by Elizabeth Cordeau Rancourt, stage manager / and by Jonathan Gagnon, Director/ François-Xavier Roy, film director + original Images / Jason Arbour, Co-Director + Film Editor / David Cannon, original images / Sulian Buineau, Film Editor / Benoît Côté, Film Editor / Patrick Bourque, Film Editor / Simon Giguère, graphic + motion designer / Jean-François Dugal, Postproduction supervisor/ Laurent Routhier, Images Projections / Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebrun, lights / Alexandre Forgues, Sound Designer + Technical Director / assisted by Émeric Demangel, Soundman/ François Couture, Arranger / assisted by Olivier Leclerc, Music Copyist / Carole Bellavance, Ass. Choir director / Benoît Berthelet, Pyrotechnics Director / François Canac-Marquis, Production Manager / assisted by Audrey Robert / Alain St-Jean, Stage Manager / Thierry Meyer, Project Initiator and diffusor / assisted by Ivana Goretta / Thierry Meyer, Ivana Goretta, Fabrice Schoch, Jean-Luc Avondet, Editorial Concept / Vincent Sager, Executive Producer / François Mottier, Production Manager/ assisted by Camille Biéler-Dellamula / and by Esra Aykaç / Alexandre Monnerat, Financial controller/ Jean-Claude Bersier, Security and Safety Manager/ Alain Schneebli, Sound and System Director / Chris Hauri, Soundman Stage / Martin Reich, Soundman FOH/ Dominique Tille, Conductor and Choir Director / Guest Artists: Vincent Kucholl, Pascal Auberson, François Lindemann, Pierre-Luc Valet, Michel Bastet, Olivier Rogg, Valentin Peiry, Marc Perrenoud, Fabrizio Chioretta, Jeremie Kisling, Valérie Fellay, Thierry Lang, Heiri Käntzig, Mathieu Michel, Bastian Baker, Joris Arman, Pierangelo Crescenzio, Nicolas Meyer, Le Sinfonietta de Lausanne, les Choristes du Mur du son.

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