The Wall of Sound - Quebec city

Sound design

Video by: Dufour, Maison de création

The Wall of Sound - Quebec city

Sound designSound design20k designed, programmed and calibrated the sound system for The Wall of Sound, a large-scale mixed-media show that was presented in front of the National Assembly on July 3 and 4 to commemorate the anniversary of the City of Québec. The show imposing stage structure, a 67-foot high and 90-foot wide scaffolding, hosted 350 singers and musicians.

As the installation required over a hundred microphones and more than a hundred loudspeakers, the 20k team had to contend with two major challenges: managing the intelligibility of the sound system on account of the large number of highly sensitive microphones being used simultaneously and minimizing the sound reflection of the receiving system. To ensure optimum quality sound diffusion, the 20k specialists carried out numerous noise rejection studies and acoustic simulations. The end result proved to be a highly intelligible stereophonic sound environment that was perfectly audible in the predetermined broadcast zone.


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