Albert-Rousseau Theatre

Sound design - Control - Network - Lighting - Call for tenders documents

Albert-Rousseau Theatre

Sound design - Control - Network - Lighting - Call for tenders documentsThe Albert-Rousseau Theatre is once again mandating 20k.20k was in charge of designing the system, preparing the call for tenders and overseeing the work. The brand new system combines high-performance and fine-tuning, giving it the versatility much sought after by a wide range of artists and bands. The new meticulously selected and calibrated equipment covers the entire audience area resulting in a consistency rate upward of 95% across the whole spectrum.

With its top-of-the-line loudspeakers, remarkably intuitive control system, complete wiring system and intelligent audio design, it goes without saying that the sound system at the Salle Albert-Rousseau is highly efficient but it is also perfectly integrated into the architecture. The 20k team, who were commissioned once again by the Salle Albert-Rousseau to oversee the project for renewing its lighting and control equipment, can now definitely say mission accomplished.

Photo: David Cannon


Salle Albert-Rousseau


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