System Commissioning

20k examines every aspect of each of their systems. From the technical plans to cable certification records, and from electrical installations to equipment cabinet temperatures, nothing is left to chance between artists and their audience!

40 projects

La Maison Simons - Galeries de la Capitale
Canadian Aviation museum's Theatre
La Maison Simons - Rideau Center
Comedi Ha!
La Maison Simons - Galeries d'Anjou
Le hockey dans la peau
La Maison Simons - Promenades Gatineau
UP! Interactive video stairs - Quebecadabra
Donators' Wall
Percival-Molson Stadium
Salle Jean-Grimaldi
Plaisirs d'hiver
La Maison Simons - Old Quebec
Emporium District
La Maison Simons - West Edmonton Mall
Sapristi Resto Bar - Petit Champlain
Nuée de verre
Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec
The Big Bang! Entrepreneurial
La Maison Simons - Calgary
Musée du Fort
Bell Box
Horizons - Observatoire de la Capitale
Celebremos Campeche
Sylvain-Lelièvre Theatre
La Maison Simons - Londonderry Mall
New City Gas
Salle Albert-Rousseau new facade
Cristal Staircase
New City Gas - Bar-Terrace
Albert-Rousseau Theatre
Amphithéâtre Cogeco
Britney Spears - Piece of me
Spectra's Cabaret
La Maison Simons - West Vancouver
Complexe Desjardins - Dynamic Lighting
Marianopolis College

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