Technical Design Applied to Architecture and Performing Arts


An artistic approach

20k is a firm of creators and technology consulting specialists catering to the field of arts and entertainment. Attentive to both the creative and technical aspects of the projects it undertakes, the firm is recognized for its ability to develop innovative and efficient solutions.
20k has successfully carried out numerous daring and complex projects on the local, national and international scenes. The systems for a multitude of venues, mass audience events, international tours, exhibitions and permanent installations have passed through the hands of 20k's technology professionals.

An advanced technology

20k's work hinges on the team's in-depth knowledge and is based on comprehensive studies and highly precise simulations. All systems bearing the 20k signature are methodically developed and bear witness to unparalleled engineering rigor.
20k doesn't just take advantage of the technology available; the company plays an active role in the latest technological advances in the industry.


20k is regularly looking for new talent. If you are an architect, a technical designer, a draftsman, an audiovisual spectialist or a project manager, please send us your resume.
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